Novice Class - 2015

Length 1 — Clive Goulty

Clive GoultyClive GoultyClive GoultyClive GoultyClive Goulty

Length 2 — Catriona Paton

Catriona PatonCatriona PatonCatriona PatonCatriona PatonCatriona PatonCatriona Paton

Length 3 — Chris Stanton

Chris StantonChris StantonChris StantonChris StantonChris StantonChris StantonChris Stanton

Length 4 — Steve Waters

Steve WatersSteve Waters

Length 5 — Heath Cregan

Heath CreganHeath CreganHeath CreganHeath CreganHeath CreganHeath CreganHeath Cregan

Length 6 — Morris Burrough

Morris BurroughMorris BurroughMorris BurroughMorris BurroughMorris BurroughMorris Burrough

Length 7 — Barry Harland-Froud

Barry Harland-FroudBarry Harland-FroudBarry Harland-FroudBarry Harland-FroudBarry Harland-FroudBarry Harland-Froud

Length 8 — Fiona Farmer

Fiona FarmerFiona FarmerFiona FarmerFiona FarmerFiona FarmerFiona Farmer

Length 9 — John Buckley

John BuckleyJohn BuckleyJohn BuckleyJohn BuckleyJohn Buckley

Length 10 — John Barber

John BarberJohn BarberJohn BarberJohn Barber

Length 12 — Chris Marshall

Chris MarshallChris MarshallChris MarshallChris MarshallChris Marshall

Length 13 — James Calderbank

James CalderbankJames CalderbankJames CalderbankJames CalderbankJames CalderbankJames Calderbank

Length 14 — Mark Beattie

Mark BeattieMark BeattieMark BeattieMark BeattieMark Beattie

Length 15 — Andrew Meehan

Andrew MeehanAndrew MeehanAndrew MeehanAndrew Meehan

Length 16 — Kevin Pike

Kevin PikeKevin PikeKevin PikeKevin PikeKevin PikeKevin Pike

Length 17 — Lynda Cregan

Lynda CreganLynda CreganLynda CreganLynda CreganLynda CreganLynda Cregan

Length 18 — Gus Smallwood

Gus SmallwoodGus SmallwoodGus SmallwoodGus SmallwoodGus Smallwood

Length 19 — Mac Mackay

Mac MackayMac MackayMac MackayMac MackayMac Mackay

Length 20 — Charlie Curl

Charlie CurlCharlie CurlCharlie CurlCharlie CurlCharlie Curl

Length 21 — Rob Wood

Rob WoodRob WoodRob WoodRob WoodRob WoodRob Wood

Length 22 — Rob Cadman

Rob CadmanRob CadmanRob CadmanRob Cadman

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