Open Class - 2017

Length 1 — Russell Woodham

Russell WoodhamRussell WoodhamRussell Woodham

Length 2 — Tim Frampton

Tim FramptonTim FramptonTim FramptonTim Frampton

Length 3 — Colin Clutterbuck

Colin ClutterbuckColin ClutterbuckColin ClutterbuckColin ClutterbuckColin Clutterbuck

Length 4 — Steve McCulloch

Steve McCullochSteve McCullochSteve McCullochSteve McCulloch

Length 5 — Andrew Burrough

Andrew BurroughAndrew BurroughAndrew BurroughAndrew BurroughAndrew Burrough

Length 6 — Nick Copp

Nick CoppNick CoppNick CoppNick Copp

Length 7 — Tina Bath

Tina BathTina BathTina BathTina Bath

Length 8 — Mike Reed

Mike ReedMike ReedMike ReedMike Reed

Length 9 — Willow Drew

Willow DrewWillow DrewWillow DrewWillow DrewWillow DrewWillow Drew

Length 10 — Alex Bown

Alex BownAlex BownAlex BownAlex BownAlex Bown

Length 11 — Colin Risdon

Colin RisdonColin RisdonColin RisdonColin RisdonColin Risdon

Length 12 — Steve Eldridge

Steve EldridgeSteve EldridgeSteve EldridgeSteve EldridgeSteve Eldridge

Length 13 — Chris Chivers

Chris ChiversChris ChiversChris ChiversChris ChiversChris Chivers

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