The 2014 National Hedgelaying Championships

Haws and Crook

The 36th National Hedgelaying Championships took place on Saturday 25th October at Hough on the Hill in Lincolnshire.

The full list of placings in the Devon class:

1stSteve McCulloch
2ndRichard Hooker
3rdGeorge Pidgeon

George Pidgeon also won the overall award for the Best Work on a Poor Length.

Best regrowth from the 2103 copetition was awarded to Colin Risdon.

The Devon class judges were Terry Copp and Ian Connabeer.

There will be more information about the other classes and their winners on the National Hedgelaying Society web site.

Some pictures taken on the day

Before George Pidgeon, Terry Copp, and Richard Hooker Richard Hooker & George Pidgeon Richard Hooker & George Pidgeon Colin Risdon Willow Drew Henry Selway & Alan Young Roger Parris George Pidgeon Willow Drew & Richard Hooker Colin Risdon Willow Drew Alan Young Roger Parris Colin Risdon

All pictures courtesy of Kairen Hooker

Previous Results

Year First Second Third Fourth
2013 Colin Risdon Willow Drew Martin Turner
2012 Willow Drew Alan Young Roger Parris
2011 Martin Turner Willow Drew Colin Risdon Terry Coombe
2010 Colin Risdon Martin Turner Willow Drew Terry Coombe
2009 Alan Young Colin Risdon Martin Turner Willow Drew

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