2017 "Skills of the Hills" Hedgelaying Competition
Confirmed Entries

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If you have any queries on the list below email: richard.hooker@bhha.info

2/4/18: The event is going ahead. The field is extaordinarily dry given the weather we have had and its slope means "in at the top and out at the bottom" will make access as easy as possible

1Nigel Adams
2Alex Bown
3Andrew Burrough
4Chris Chivers
5Colin Clutterbuck
6Nick Copp
7Willow Drew
8Nick Fowler
9Paul Gulliford
10Liam Jefferson
11Keith Luxton
12Steve McCulloch
13Mike Reed
14Colin Risdon
15Jon Sibthorp
16Dan Strawbridge
17Russell Woodham
1Robert Beard
2Clive Bethell
3Roly Boughton
4Dave Brackley
5Nick Dawe
6David Dunk
7Steve Eldridge
8Pete Etheridge
9Neil Gemmell
10Phil Hart
11Gary Moore
12Colin Pady
13Geoff Pitt
14Chris Stanton
15Tess Stone
16Matt Townsend
17William Weldon
18Rob Wood
Intermediate Pairs
1Darren & Paul Ackroyd
2Tim & Robert Bagwell
3Chris Claxton & John Woodham
4Lucie Cowells & David Owen
5Heath & Lynda Cregan
6Stuart Curtis & Simon Cullingford
7Malcolm Dowling & Duncan Fraser
8Ed Gaines & Stuart Wright
9Stephen Ryan & Craig Nation
1John Barber
2David Clark
3Harry Dale
4Clive Goulty
5Phil Hims
6Harry Jennings
7Mark Joynes
8Keith Lintern
9Bob Parsons
10Kevin Pike
11Ben Prichard
12Jamie Ranson
13Laytn Sharp
14Rob Sturmey
15Nick Syrett
16Stephen Tate
17Oska Thomas
18Michael Tull
19Mandy Woodham
Novice Pairs
1James Calderbank & Sue Fraser-Harris
2Alex Clayson & Andy Williams
3Richard & Katie Clayson
4Tim Cox & Johnny Gilbert
5Oliver Gardner & Alex Rogers
6Rob Hannam & Graham Taylor
7Nigel Howard & Mo Mulligan
8Tom Kimber & Stephen Shields
9James Maben & David West
10Dan Mackley & Stuart Riggs
11Sam & David Olive
12Julia Thomas & Charlie Dale
13Ian Todd & Dan Kittow
14Jim Witton & Chris Richards

Affiliated to the National Hedgelaying Society